more of Our story

Trinity UMC has a unique history that gives us both a rich heritage of faith and a new church's energy. Methodism entered Eastern Sequoyah County in the 1880s in the small community of Cottonwood just south of Muldrow. When the railroad came to Muldrow, those early Methodists decided to move north where the people would be and where they established First Methodist Church in Muldrow in 1888. Methodism strived for over a hundred years in downtown Muldrow.  

In 1998, the people at FUMC Muldrow realized they were outgrowing their current facility and wanted to reach out to their neighboring community of Roland and began efforts to buy land and build a new facility on Highway 64 between the two communities. We finished the new building, moved into our new building, and embraced our new name of Trinity UMC in 2002.  

Throughout our history, people have been baptized, marriages have started, saints have been remembered, the hungry has been fed, worship has been given, prayers have been offered, people have been discipled, meals have been eaten, and lives have been transformed.  

In the years to come, we look forward to continued writing our history in all of Sequoyah County and in the lives of our people.

Trinity Methodist Church belongs to the Global Methodist Church and is committed to the Christian faith as contained in the Bible and summarized in the historic creeds of the Church Universal.